The Station 1300 proposal will be heard at Menlo Park City Council at next Tuesday’s hearing beginning at 7pm. Please consider attending to make short comments to the council in support of the proposal. You can also email all the members of the City Council at Many thanks for your support. We’re almost there.
Welcome to STATION 1300, a proposal by Greenheart Land Company to create a new place in Menlo Park to live, work, shop, eat, play, and just relax.  Steps away from the Caltrain station, STATION 1300 promises to become a gathering place for the community, residents, office workers, shoppers and friends meeting for coffee or a drink after work.  Situated in the heart of Menlo Park, STATION 1300 will have the day and nighttime vitality that will invigorate downtown Menlo.

The proposal includes community-serving shopping, two Class A+ office buildings, and about 182 rental apartments.  Parking hidden discreetly underground affords expansive open space including spacious public places able to accommodate outdoor dining, sheltered courtyards, and quiet seating areas.  The Spanish Eclectic architecture reflects the heritage of the mid-Peninsula.

“After closely reviewing the plans for the Station 1300 proposed development along El Camino Real, I’m delighted to support the significant sustainability and transportation measures that are incorporated in the design of this project. I strongly support the project goal to achieve LEED Platinum rating for the office development, which will thereby be among the first such privately funded project to both achieve this rating and Net Zero Energy in California.”
Mitch Slomiak,
Vice-Chair & Co-Founder of Menlo Spark (a non-profit dedicated to climate neutrality)
Former Menlo Park Environmental Quality Commissioner (2007 to 2015)
“The proposal by Greenheart Land Company for their Station 1300 on El Camino is exactly what is needed to support Menlo Park’s existing downtown merchants. A mix of uses – new stores, restaurants, residents, and workers – all next to the train station to keep car traffic to a minimum. I look forward to the day when those empty lots on El Camino turn into a productive, active and vibrant new place to enliven our Downtown.”
George Bazlamit,
Menlo Hardwoods
“This proposal from Greenheart Land Company offers the perfect blend of high quality rental housing right next to transit. This is a worthy project that will help enliven our downtown and help our existing merchants.”
John Boyle,
Former City Council Member,
Menlo Park
“Station 1300’s size, design, proximity to public transportation, traffic reduction priorities, and environmental sustainability all contribute to the Council’s support of this project. We congratulate you for producing a well-designed and well-situated project that will provide much needed housing for many generations in Menlo Park.”
Matt Regan,
SVP, Public Policy
Bay Area Council
“I’ve spent many years working to better the schools of our community. The better the schools, the more attractive they become so overcrowding is always a concern. One of the reasons I support the Greenheart Land Company proposal is that the housing being built will cater to young professionals who do not yet have families while at the same time the project will generate millions in new fees and taxes that will directly benefit our schools and
children. The project itself is very attractive and will be a plus for our community while also benefiting our schools.”
Laura Rich,
Former Menlo Park City School District board member
“The proposal from Greenheart is just the type of bold development we need in Menlo Park!!”
Camille Kennedy,
Menlo Park, CA
“This transit-oriented housing and office/retail proposal is a home-run for Menlo Park. I especially appreciate the high-class of the project design — the architecture, 49% open space (a real plus for our Tree City), 20-foot wide sidewalks, and ten affordable apartments. Praise also goes to the Greenheart Gives Back program, investing in community programs like youth-development (through the police foundation) and neighborhood-enrichment (community gardens, etc.).”
Clem Molony,
Menlo Park, CA